Reynaers shines with Ajdan Rise


Reynaers Aluminium has supplied the latest generation of its versatile systems to a prestigious project that has become the crowning glory of Al Khobar skyline.
Ajdan Rise exudes luxury, comfort, and a unique architecture befitting the high-performance levels expected of a world-class, state-of-the-art building on the Al Khobar Waterfront. The 130-m tower comprises 187 luxury residential units enveloped with some of Reynaers Aluminium latest system.

Ajdan Rise is a classic example of Reynaers’ unique selling preposition which encompasses the company’s passion to align with the client’s vision.

The tower’s design features a protruding angle to ensure that a maximum number of residential units face the sea. This required a custom solution for the façade combining exquisite balcony doors to ensure that a seamless look was achieved on the exteriors.

The grand façade of the striking Ajdan Rise features one of Reynaers Aluminium’s most in-demand CW 50 curtain wall solution as well as its doors, involving a total aluminum surface area of 22,326 sqm. The CP 130-LS sliding doors were used for this purpose and its low threshold option offers a solution to improve the building’s accessibility.



Additionally, a customized solution of Reynaers’ latest generation of doors is used for this project, namely the MasterLine 8 for the balcony doors, providing superb air-tightness and thermal performances.

Reynaers partnered with the regionally renowned Aluminium fabricators ‘RATAAL Aluminium’ for the fabrication of the Alumimium systems of Ajdan Rise.

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