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Close-up of bullet holes in aluminium door.

Bulletproof testing

At Reynaers Aluminium, safety is one of our top priorities when it comes to helping our customers find durable and trustworthy solutions. Recent bulletproof tests are a testimony to our commitment. Because when it comes to safety, we leave nothing to chance.

Next to security hardware such as burglar-resistant systems and panic exit accessories, Reynaers Aluminium provides many safety solutions that protect homeowners against all kinds of peril. Fire- and smoke-proof features, systems adapted to withstand bomb blasts and earth quakes… We make sure you and your loved-ones are safe and protected all year long.

One of the latest fields of expertise Reynaers Aluminium is exploring more deeply, deals with bulletproof elements in windows, frames, and doors. Testing our systems on how well they can withstand ballistic impact, is a crucial step in developing the safest solutions for all our customers.

Recent bulletproof tests on ConceptSystem 77-Bulletproof (BP) doors are a perfect example of how we continuously put our systems to the test. Using different types of guns which shoot various sizes of bullets, our experienced research team chose specific parts of our test subject to measure its durability against ballistic impact. Watch the video below to find out the result for yourself.

Interested in including both elegant and safe solutions in your next project? Browse through our products and choose the high-quality solution that fits your needs the most.

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