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Four people discussing a building project in the Avalon Virtual Reality Room.

How does Avalon work? Our 3D experts virtually recreate your building based on technical input files. Next, a high-resolution model is projected on the five walls of the VR room at the Reynaers Campus, our headquarters in Belgium. Put on the responsive 3D glasses, take the control stick and step inside your future project together with up to six other stakeholders in this collaborative work tool.

Expert creating a virtual building behind two computer screens.
To prepare your visit as well as possible, our 3D experts will create virtual models of our products based on your detailed data.

In addition to visualising entire construction projects, Avalon also allows close analysis of 3D models of Reynaers Aluminium solutions.

  • Zoom in on the details
  • Compare the options
  • Select the right solution for your project

By sharing this real-time virtual experience with other stakeholders, you can solve problems directly and more efficiently. And if you can't get to Reynaers Campus, our Avalon Studio module can help. This solution allows you to view our rendered products from the comfort of your home or office. Bring your architectural ideas to life today!

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