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LEED logo in front of glass façade.
15 Mar 2022

LEED: the green building rating system

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. The point-based system rates building projects’ sustainable performance, both in their design and their construction phase. We explain what LEED is and how your project can achieve a LEED-certification with the help of Reynaers Aluminium profiles.

The LEED certification programme is a globally recognised rating system initiated by the USGBC (United States Green Building Council). If you see this label, you know that a building is designed to meet and beat the strictest sustainability standards. The sustainable requirements taken into account include energy and water efficiency, the use of renewable resources, and carbon emission reduction. Also, ensuring a healthy indoor environment and keeping the general environmental impact as low as possible lead to higher LEED ratings.

The LEED label is a globally recognised symbol of sustainability. Reynaers Aluminium helps you earn it.

Green glass façade of the Coca-Cola Headquarters in Madrid, Spain.

Achieve LEED points with Reynaers Aluminium

LEED is a point-based programme, which means that fulfilling certain sustainable criteria earns you points on the road to official certification. Our highly insulated, fully recyclable aluminium building solutions can help you gain up to 24 LEED points. The LEED categories we focus on, are the following (according to LEED v.4 for New Construction and Major Renovations):

  • Energy and atmosphere – we optimise your building’s energy performance and focus on renewable energy sources when creating your windows and doors.
  • Indoor environmental quality – we ensure optimal air quality, maximum daylight entrance, and excellent thermal and acoustic comfort for you to enjoy.
  • Materials and resources – we offer detailed environmental product declarations and limit the environmental, social and economic impact of our materials.
  • Sustainable sites – we pay attention to heat island reduction, especially in urban building developments.
  • Regional priority – we take the specific environmental needs of the direct area around your project into account.
  • Innovation in design – we create high-quality innovative solutions that match all architectural and sustainable needs of today.

Our specialist can help you select the most appropriate green building solutions for your specific project. They offer professional advice and the necessary documents for a successful LEED, Cradle to Cradle or BREEAM certification process. Together, we build a sustainable community for current and future generations to live in.


ArtGen – CMC architects (architects), Marek Hrubý (photographer)
Coca-Cola Headquarters Spain – DL+A arquitectos asociados (architects), Wenzel (photographer)