Reynaers Balustrade Rail

the new brand of balustrade for absolute transparency..

Fully transparent balustrades are an architectural trend around the world. As we are always following the trends, and after launching RB Glass in 2016, a glass balustrade add to large transparent areas in tall buildings, Reynaers Aluminum launches the latest solution for a totally unimpeded view.

It was the demand in the market that inspired the development of this solution that, today, enriches our product portfolio and is clearly one of our great bets in the national territory. The main attributes are the fact that it can be fully embedded, a very simple manufacturing process, and the guarantee of tests in accordance with the NP 4491:2009 standard, which regulates the dimensional characteristics and test methods of guardrails for buildings.

Immaculate view with enhanced security in a country where Mediterranean construction favors unobstructed views of the unique landscapes of both the west and south Atlantic coast, as well as mountain valleys or plains, this system of glass balustrades arises to reinforce safety against accidental falls, without compromising the view from balconies and terraces. Modularized Principle Reynaers Balustrade Rail can be used independently of other Reynaers systems or in their combination, being possible to embed the profile leaving only transparent glass protection visible. Minimal aluminum profiles can be used to protect the edge of the glass.


  • Minimum glass thickness: 17.5 mm
  • Maximum glass thickness: 21.5 mm
  • Unlimited width
  • Maximum width of glass panel: 2500 mm
  • Free glass height: 1100 mm
  • Total height: 1220 mm
  • Tested according to NP 4491: 2009 (Notified body 2211 - OEF tests 141/19; OEF 142/19; 143/19; 144/19) ASTM E2353-16