Reynaers wants to provide its customers with all the means to work as efficiently as possible. On this dedicated extranet site, architects, manufacturers and suppliers can easily access the most up-to-date commercial and technical information such as product catalogues for fabricators, architect catalogues, software packages and calculation tools.

We continuously listen to the requirements and wishes of fabricators, architects, contractors, investors and end users. Therefore, we developed several customised technical and marketing tools — from REPORT magazine (Link: to REPORT magazines), commercial trainings and demo movies to POS material, product and corporate brochures and reference books.

Reynaers also participates in professional fairs, both local and abroad. Below, you’ll find a list of major national and international fairs we attend on a regular basis.

·         Batibouw (Belgium)

·         Polyclose (Belgium)

·         Bulgarian Building Week (Bulgaria)

·         Fenestration (China)

·         Batimat (France)

·         BAU (Germany)

·         Made Expo (Italy)

·         Mosbuild (Russia)

·         Serbia Green Building Expo (Serbia)

·         Veteco (Spain)

·         Nordbygg (Sweden)

·         Big 5 (United Arab Emirates)

·         EcoBuild (United Kingdom)

·         Swissbau (Switzerland)