In order to deserve a leading role in the building industry, Reynaers' profile systems have evolved from aesthetic modules to actual building components, meeting the highest requirements of the international building market.

The Reynaers Institute bundles the know-how and experience of architects, project developers, building professionals and our own employees. As such, we work continuously towards the building vision of the future.

But the Reynaers Institute is much more than just a building — it is a state of mind. A permanent incentive to implement our core values, an international communication forum and a source of inspiration for all players in the building process.

Testing activities

The Reynaers Institute has the biggest privately owned testing centre for windows, doors and façades. Our constant investments in state-of-the-art test facilities, guarantee the high quality, durability and reliability of Reynaers products. All Reynaers systems are carefully tested to assure their compliance with the various international standards enable the 10-year system warranty.

All our systems are tested in the following areas:


·         Air, wind & water tightness

·         Acoustic insulation


·         Energy performance in R-Cube

·         Solar radiation

·         Mechanical performance

·         Ageing & environmental influences

·         Strength & shear tests


·         Security

·         Impact resistance

In 2012, we performed over 150 tests at the Reynaers Institute. Our facilities can also be placed at the disposal of companies that wish to organise their own tests.