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Hi-Finity Sliding Systems - House Island Rest located in Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

Island Rest

Often, the location of a home is mostly a functional consideration....
Apartmentcomplex 26 Pearl located in Odessa, Ukraine

26 Pearl

The main architectural challenge facing Reynaers Aluminium, as the developers of the façade solution, was to create the impression of a smooth glass surface, as if...
CW 50-FP Curtain Walls and CW 50 Curtain Walls - Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius University (JGMC) located in Vila-real, Lithuania

Life Sciences Centre of Vilnius University (JGMC)

One of the most ambitious, largest and most innovative buildings in Lithuania.
CS 77 Doors, CF 77 Sliding Systems and CW 50 Curtain Walls - Philips Light Tower Lofts located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands

Philips Light Tower Lofts

In the below video, architect Paul Diederen takes you on a virtual tour through the project so you can experience the custom solution as if you were there.&nbsp...
CS 77 Fire Proof Doors - Hotel/Holiday complex Four Seasons Hotel located in Manama, Bahrain

Four Seasons Hotel

SOM’s 273-bedroom Four Seasons Hotel in Bahrain is a new visual anchor in the city with its unusual composition of concrete piers and suspended volumes.
CW 50-FP Curtain Walls - Training centre Krkonoše Mts. environment education centre located in Czech Republic

Krkonoše Mts. environment education centre

The new building of the Environment Education Centre in Vrchlabí represents a modern view of science and its connection with the wider public.
CW 50-FP Curtain Walls, CW 50-SG Curtain Walls, CW 60 Curtain Walls, CS 77 Windows, CS 59Pa Windows and CW 50 Curtain Walls - Airport MPL Passenger Terminal located in Wrocław, Poland

MPL Passenger Terminal

The new terminal certainly provides a dignified expression for the ambitions of Wrocław, which was one of the four host cities for EURO 2012
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CS 77 Fire Proof Windows, CW 50 Curtain Walls, MasterLine 8 Windows and CS 77 Windows - Apartmentcomplex Willemstower located in Rotselaar, the Netherlands


At the foot of the Erasmus bridge at the Willemsplein in Rotterdam, project developer Van Wijnen is building a 40 meters high residential tower.
CS 77 Bullet Proof Windows, CS 77 Smoke Proof Windows, CS 77 Fire Proof Windows, CS 77 Hidden Vent Windows, CS 77 Smoke & Heat Evacuation Windows, CS 59Pa Windows and CW 50 Curtain Walls - Embassy Belgian Embassy Kinshasa located in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic Congo

Belgian Embassy Kinshasa

First African passive building The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is having the new Belgian Embassy built on Boulevard du 30 Juin....
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