BRUT - architecture and urban design C.F. Møller

Scheldezicht is one of the highlights of the urban development project ‘Nieuw Zuid’ (New South), a new vibrant and sustainable district in Antwerp, Belgium. Project Scheldezicht is divided into a residential high-rise supplemented with offices, commercial spaces, and communal areas. It gives residents the pleasure to live by the water whilst being within close reach to the historic city center of Antwerp. The visual architectural effect of Scheldezicht is characterized by the “White Framework”, due to the use of white designed concrete.

Nieuw Zuid is designed as a green village surrounded by a city and is situated at an excellent location next to the Schelde river. This new district is a strong magnet for top architects with almost 2,000 apartments, 38 buildings, and 12 ha of green area, probably one of the biggest and most green new construction projects that Belgium has ever known. For the entire site, the city of Antwerp is installing an external heat network that provides every building with heat using renewable energy. The neighborhood is targeted to be completely finished by 2030. By then, also public facilities including schools, nurseries, a sports hall, and a service center will be available.

Both the site and the buildings at the Nieuw Zuid district attract several international top architects, among which the residential tower Scheldezicht is one of the top projects. Spectacular panoramas, a new architecture, and an absolute top location. The L-shaped ground plan consists of a 24-story residential tower complemented with a 5-story mid-rise building. Scheldezicht makes you live at great heights. The 24-story building of 15,000m² with 116 homes, offices, commercial spaces, and communal areas is complemented by another 5,000m² of balconies, winter gardens, and roof terraces that increase the quality of life. With the incredible view on the Schelde river, park, and city, you literally live with the city at your feet.

The slender, elegant residential tower is a design by BRUT architecture and urban design in collaboration with C.F. Møller, two architectural firms with an impressive international record. The sustainable high-rise is very Scandinavian with its pure design, green accents and a lot of attention to livability and sociability. In general, residential towers often have a tendency to deal with the lack of social contact. Although people cross each other in the elevator or in the entrance hall, there is little real human connection. With the help of architectural design, the architects wanted to challenge this paradox. The building offers a wide variation of housing typologies, to attract different kinds of residents: small apartments for young people, lofts for young double earners, large family homes, adapted apartments for the elderly, to more innovative duplex flats are grouped into vertical mini-communities.

The most striking visual effect is the "White Framework" which determines the architectural character of the building and consists of a combination of continuous terraces and facade columns, both of which are made of white designed concrete. Between the White Framework are separate balconies that are staggered per floor. The facade between the terraces is made of masonry and aluminum exterior carpentry in anthracite color.

For Reynaers Aluminium, the project Scheldezicht is a striking example of how Reynaers Aluminium can be an added value to the different parties during the building process. From the beginning, Reynaers Aluminium was invited by the contractor and the architect to explore together the building plans and to assess how Reynaers Aluminium could translate this to our systems. At Reynaers Campus, our headquarter in Belgium, the virtual reality room AVALON was used, to bring to live the design of the building at an early stage and to show how the aluminum systems will look like.

Especially for the north side of the building, for the winter gardens, Reynaers Aluminium created special ConceptWall 60 profiles to tackle all requirements. For the sliding elements ConceptPatio155 –LS duorail, additional tests were done to guarantee the wind –and water tightness, which is very demanding because of the proximity of the river. For the green character of the new district, very insulating systems like the Masterline 8 HI+ were used, with insulation levels much above the actual norms.

BRUT - architecture and urban design C.F. Møller
Antwerp, Belgium