Modern and minimalistic architecture often features large glass surfaces that offer many advantages: your rooms get filled with natural daylight, they look more spacious and you can enjoy a beautiful view. Moreover, when oriented properly, large windows can provide lots of passive solar gain.

Careful planning

The architect plays an essential role in the positioning of your windows. If you envision a special concept for the windows in your building, it is important to discuss this with your architect in an early phase of the design stage, as the construction of the building needs to be appropriate for the desired solution. Reynaers' aluminium systems make it possible to realise large glass surfaces up to 3 meters high and 6 meters wide.

Glazing types

Depending on the chosen system, glass -or packing elements from 4mm to 65mm can be fitted into aluminium profiles. This allows for a broad range of glazing options - from acoustic glass or safety glass, to a highly aesthetical mirror-glass. If necessary, the window profiles are strengthened extra against heavy wind load or the weight of large and heavy glass panes.