CP 155 (-LS)

Design options for a minimalistic architecture look.

  • CP 155-LS Motorized
  • CP 155-LS Multirail
  • CP 155-LS Glass corner
  • CP 155-LS Opening corner
  • CP 155-LS Zero threshold
  • CP 155-LS Pocket solution
  • CP 155-LS Bi-part

CP 155-LS Motorized

Accessibility and comfort enhanced by automated opening.

CP 155-LS Multirail

Integrates extra rails in the outer frame allowing extra opening vents.

CP 155-LS Glass corner

Optimal daylight entrance and minimal visual sightlines.

CP 155-LS Opening corner

The absence of a corner profile allows the sliding elements from both sides of a corner to open without obstacles.

CP 155-LS Zero threshold

The threshold is completely flush with the floor, allowing for access without any obstructions.

CP 155-LS Pocket solution

The vents slide into an integrated wall pocket, creating an open space without visible elements.

CP 155-LS Bi-part

Centrally closing sliding elements.

Opening types and configurations.

Solutions that enhance the quality and comfort level.

Consult the detailed specifications, documentation and downloads for all available product variations on the technical product pages.

  • CP 155
  • CP 155-AP
  • CP 155-LS/AP
  • CP 155(-LS)
  • CP 155-LS Minergie
  • CP 155(-LS) Slim Chicane

CP 155

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CP 155-AP

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CP 155-LS/AP

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CP 155(-LS)

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CP 155-LS Minergie

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CP 155(-LS) Slim Chicane

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