Reynaers Middle East Holds Workshops For Its Clients In Bahrain


In an initiative to reinforce customers’ confidence, Reynaers Middle East, the leading provider of Belgium aluminium systems that is regionally-based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has held an interactive workshop for its clients who represent the core of architectural manufacturing of various types of projects.

The workshop consisted of two essential parts that included the technical support provided by Reynaers Middle East to its clients, with regards to utilising international principles and standards, and local specifications, through the use of the latest software exclusively provided by Reynaers International. Engineers Ahmed Abdulla and Sara Radhi from the Technical Support Department in Reynaers Middle East presented this part of the workshop.

As for the second part, Engineer Isa Al Wadi, Regional Manager of Northern Arabian Gulf Markets in Reynaers Middle East, casted light on the fundamentals of engineering trade support and founding cooperation between Reynaers Middle East and related local companies.

Attending the activity was Engineer Ali Khalaf, Managing Director of Reynaers Middle East, and Engineer Abdulla Mayoof, Technical Manager in Reynaers . The workshop was organised for companies that are closely related with Reynaers Middle East ; Almoayyed Aluminium, Al Ghanah Aluminum, Al Dana Aluminum, Tylos Aluminum and Vorx Aluminum.

In this regard, Mr. Khalaf reiterated that Reynaers Middle East is in continuous pursuit of developing business relations with its clients through direct interaction and organising similar workshops and activities, which reflect the company’s keenness on maintaining the quality of technical work, especially in the field of construction works, which contribute to the development of the construction of our beloved Kingdom.

Throughout the years, Reynaers has proven its strong presence in the Middle East and North Africa region, through its provision of innovative and top quality aluminium systems. Reynaers has contributed to the construction of several key international and regional projects, such as Al Tijaria Tower in Hoora, Kingdom of Bahrain; the company’s latest project. Reynaers Middle East is operated by its headquarters in Belgium, while its Bahrain office runs the company’s operations across the Middle East and North Africa region.

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