Villa Hi-Finity Bergamo

Villa Hi-Finity Bergamo

Patrizia Marcandalli


Located in the open country at the gates of the city of Bergamo and enclosed between two small creeks, this elegant villa combines shape and materials with the surrounding nature.


Hi-Finity double glazed Sliding Systems and Hi-Finity Sliding Systems - House Villa Hi-Finity Bergamo located in Italy

The house is characterised by a solid and imposing vertical wall, covered in Roman travertine stone, that acts as a closure for those coming from outside. Inside, however, the house opens up completely to the garden and the swimming pool thanks to the large panoramic sliding doors.

Entering the house from the south-east, the eye is immediately diverted outwards along the axis leading to the pool and the grove at the bottom of the garden.


All the rooms open towards the swimming pool and the beautiful garden and enjoy a wonderful view of the Valcava, a mountain resort at 1200m above sea level on the Preobalian orobic ridge, known as a road pass connecting San Martino Valley with Imagna Valley in the Bergamo area.

The architect Patrizia Marcandalli has been commissioned to design a house that can express the requests and needs of the client and his family: a casing of rigor and elegance, made of simple and clean lines but giving a sense of greatness, strength and privacy. Starting from these premises, the architect has developed the main concept of the project, creating a bright environment where the interior merges with the outside by mean of several big sliding doors.

The characteristics of the window frame designed for this house - besides offering the high performance in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation required - also had to respond perfectly to the aesthetic requirements of the project: to allow large openings to be created using profiles as thin as possible.


“The Hi-Finity sliding system was able to respond to the design requirements: it was very important to be able to create the maximum connection between the inside and the outside, which extends for the most part outside the house up to the pool area. The excellent collaboration with the local fabricator F.lli Salvi was also fundamental. He immediately understood our design needs and proposed the Hi-Finity panoramic system.  That’s exactly the solution we were looking for!  ”Patrizia Marcandalli

The Hi-Finity system was immediately approved by both the architect and the home owners as it guarantees a total continuity with the external flooring, thanks to the completely hidden frame and the large elements that it allows to create, connecting the interior spaces with the outside.

Patrizia Marcandalli