Since 2020, you can find an unfamiliar sight in Sofia, Bulgaria. Meet B73, an extraordinary residential building that features six floors of curiously bending aluminium profiles. This award-winning creation by Svetoslav Stanislavov stands out in the urban city centre thanks to its surprising look. The building’s curved façade profiles are project-specific solutions based on the Reynaers Aluminium ConceptWall 60 system.

When you pass through the neighbourhood, you will notice how the boutique building interacts with the surrounding cozy restaurants, cafés, and shops. A home with a view, both from the inside and out. It forms a stunning yet light landmark within the city, creative excellence in its purest form. Thanks to its surprising and innovative design, B73 received multiple local and international design awards, such as the prestigious Architecture MasterPrize.

High-end materials meet a quality curtain wall system in B73’s design. You can tell the designers chose the black-and-white façade cladding and the large wavy window frames to create a dynamic effect. “It is the most complex façade we have ever made,” says Svetoslav Stanislavov, chief architect for STARH. “The combination of a solid surface material with complex 3D shapes is very rare in Bulgaria. That is why we teamed up with Reynaers Aluminium to complete this high-standard building project.”

“It is the most complex façade we have ever made.”Svetoslav Stanislavov
CS 77 Doors and CW 60 Curtain Walls - Apartmentcomplex B73 located in Sofia, Bulgaria

The ConceptWall 60 system follows the curve of the outside façade seamlessly. Enjoy the sunlight on every floor from every angle.

Indeed, to create the remarkable wavy pattern of this building’s façade, our Development Team really had to explore new territory. With the help of the professionals at BestBend, they managed to bend ConceptWall 60 profiles, our highly insulating curtain wall system, like never before. Incredibly smooth waves give the B73 building its unique character and make it shine among its neighbours.

Light and luxury with bespoke solutions

With the ground floor dedicated to commercial use, the other five storeys host luxurious residential apartments, with a double-storey living room at the top floor level. Each floor consists of only one apartment, which catches the light from both sides on the street corner. If you want to fill large volumes with lots of light, glass is the way to go. And if you need vast glass panes cased in bent aluminium façades, you call Reynaers Aluminium.

Our Project Team designed bespoke versions of the ConceptWall 60 to make this unique façade stand out even more. Ideal to carry glass panels up to 450 kilograms, these reinforced profiles can support even the toughest pressure points in sloped or curved façade constructions. For example, even the 6.4-metre tall top-floor walls are no problem for this robust system designed to last for a very long time.

“Our Project Team designed bespoke versions of the ConceptWall 60 to make this unique façade stand out even more.”
B73 emerges as one of Sofia’s most recently built modern landmarks. Reynaers Aluminium curtain wall solutions bring the exciting city a little bit closer to home.

So, experience Sofia’s bustling nature right from the comfort of your home in the B73 apartment building. Our bespoke curtain wall solutions bring in the sunlight all day long, from every angle and every curve in the room. Just another reminder that Reynaers Aluminium systems are the perfect fit for your creative projects.

Sofia, Bulgaria
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